About Us

What exactly defines a winner? Brooklyn New York native Shawn Lyseight, owner and designer of the brand WINNER® Clothing, has taken this question and given us an answer in the story and development of his clothing line, WINNER®,

First established in 1982 in Kingston, Jamaica by Shawn's father, Derrick Lyseight, the story of WINNER® clothing embodies the very character and journey of a winner. The elder Lyseight, founder of Arts & Fabrics Co. LTD, a leading sports apparel manufacturer in Kingston, created the WINNER® logo as an active wear line for all. Continuing the tradition of his father’s industry, Shawn plotted a future in WINNER® clothing with new focus, updated designs, and the infusion of a young, driven mind to give life to the 28-year old Trademark.

In 2005, Shawn revived the line under his own leadership and set out on a journey to be a WINNER® and set a goal to establish WINNER® clothing amongst the names of classic household brands that have meaning and connection with an array of consumers. The universal brand is designed with consideration of the relationship between the consumer and the clothing It is a product that represents with style, creativity, aspirations,History and goals. It dares to ask the question “who is not a winner?” while responding in design, tradition and representation. Shawn has launched WINNER® Clothing® into a new era of classic attire that speaks for the journey of the line, the community in which it was born and continues to thrive, as well as the individual who finds themselves represented in the threads, folds, prints, and fit of WINNER® Clothing. Identifying oneself within his pieces and designs was always the intention of Shawn Lyseight. To ask him to define a Winner exactly he declaratively states, “It’s who you are.” Thus, WINNER® Clothing.